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Explore the vast world of Synergya and its multiple biomes, creating and customizing your character with over a hundred spells, feats, and abilities to suit your personal play style.


Conquer the arena in explosive battles with a real-time non-targeting combat system. Choose your hero and your pet and join with friends or solo mode and dive into combat.


Pets are the perfect player companion and will be a key part of Synergy Land providing great benefits in and out of dungeons. Pets can also be trained to fight in exciting PVP battles.


Synergies are essential, being necessary to complete adventures, crafting powerful weapons and a great advantage in PVP combats. The synergy system will be based on the skills of the character and their pets, unleashing your imagination when creating new and powerful spells.


Constantly vibrates with the sounds of the trees, the intense buzz of insects, and the ferocious howls of the hungriest beasts. The vibrant green of thousands of plants covers every exposed surface around you. When you first experience Furya, be very careful because even the smallest creature can be the deadliest.


The scorched land. Home of dangerous predators. Creatures capable of surviving in a deadly biome just by protecting one of the most valuable materials, Obsidian, will you manage to end up alive for a piece of this treasured resource?


A biome with extremely uniform environmental conditions. It can be more dangerous than any other biome if you are not prepared. Tseanami acts like a completely different environment with its own rules.


Controlled by the extremes and is defined mainly by permafrost, lack of trees, low biodiversity, and harsh conditions. This biome may seem lifeless at first, however, despite its challenges, it is home to a diverse and unique range of very dangerous creatures.


In Synergy Land, you can build your own house and choose from many models of beds, tables, trophies, chests to store your valuables objects, and much more. Collect furniture and decorations to make your house a very pleasant home.


Crafting is the backbone of the economy in the Synergy Land game, providing players with the way to shape the world's economy. The manufacturing process is divided into three parts: harvesting, processing and production.


They are the only ones capable of creating objects from blueprints thanks to their great experience and knowledge of the biomes where they belong. Players must have an available space on their island and its respective blueprint to build a workstation and therefore have a specialized worker. Give the correct guidelines to the worker and the order will be taken satisfactorily.


If you need a break from the battle, go to your private island and build a farm where you can grow all kinds of crops. Once harvested, you can create different types of food and potions to fuel your battle efforts, or sell them on the market for a profit.


NFTs represent ownership and uniqueness. This is where we want to promote this technology, creating a world in which players control a market full of opportunities. Characters, Bosses, Pets and Station Blueprints are exclusive and limited series of NFTs that will be injected into the game. Equipment and crafting blueprints will only be obtained through in-game mechanics.


Where players buy and sell items, theses markeplaces are an essential component of the Synergy Land economy. Players can list items for sale, place orders for items they are looking to buy, or buy any item listed for sale.


Synergy Land will feature multiple earning paths in the game. The PvE game mode will incentivize players with NFTs and earning ACN tokens once the in-game quests are completed. The seasonal leaderboards will reward the player with the best PVP performance.


The breeding process will produce eggs by bringing two compatible pets together. The eggs will inherit the properties of the parents, although this process can be manipulated, using certain items that will be obtained from loot of the dungeons.

In Synergy Land you will be able to own one of the island scattered across the world. This island will serve as a center of operations where you will create your empire and prepare for your adventures! 

Build a house to rest from the long days of raiding, customize it as you wish with thousands of customization options and make it your home.

Take your pets to the nursing center and create exciting and powerful new pets.

Hire workers to gather resources or craft amazing items in the many stations you’ll be able to own and manage farmland to grow your crops!

Possibilities are endless and only you can decide what to do next!

Fight through dungeons and collect exclusive armor, weapons, crafting blueprints, or even very rare pets.

Rest on your private island and decide what to do with the loot, empower your character or trade it in the in-game or third-party marketplace.

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